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The Fircracker

#1-The Firecracker
The first, simplest and probably most harmless incendiary, is the simple fircracker.

 A firecracker can be easily created out of cardboard tubing and epoxy. The
instructions are as follows:
1) Cut a small piece of cardboard tubing from the tube you are using.
   "Small" being less than 4 times the diameter of the tube.
2) Set the section of tubing down on a piece of wax paper, and fill it with
   epoxy and the drying agent to a height of 3/4 the diameter of the tubing.
   Allow the epoxy to dry to maximum hardness, as specified on the package.
3) When it's dry, put a small hole in the middle of the tube then insert a
   desired length of fuse.
4) Fill the tube with any type of flame-sensitive explosive.  Flash powder,
   pyrodex and black powder are two examples.  Fill the
   tube almost to the top.
5) Pack the explosive tightly in the tube with a wad of tissue paper and a
   pencil or other suitable ramrod.  Be sure to leave enough space for more
6)  Fill the rest of the tube with the epoxy and hardener, and let it
    to dry.

7)  Light the fuse and toss it!
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